Updates June 22nd 2016


I, The Founder of SteamPunk Junction, have been hard at work to bring you new content! I finally got around to purchasing a new vest, which completes the primary colors.

My first historic walk through High Park was a great success! 14 people attended, and the walk lasted roughly 2.5 hours. We explored the Lost Rivers, High Park Nature Center, Jamie Bell Playground, and ended up at the Colborne Lodge Museum (which was unfortunately closed on Mondays.) Stay tuned for the announcement of my next free walk!


TTC CEO Andy Byford and the Founder of SJ.

My Lego Toronto Transit models were also quite the hit with the kids and adults alike at both the Doors Open ’16 event at the TTC Leslie Barns, and the TTC’s Employee Family Day “Bus Roadeo.”


A new photography page has been added to my site as well, which features various “then and now” comparisons of spots around Toronto. Majority of them are in the West Toronto Junction. You can find the page here, or click the photo below.

The online petition for the TTC Relics has been off to a great start as well. Its received 143 signatures so far. I’d like to thank everyone for your support in this project so far, and ask that you please share it with everyone you know. 🙂 You can find the petition here:



Lastly, I put together a quick video of my ranting about the benefits of knowing history. You can watch that here:

Stay tuned and don’t forget, steampunk needs YOU!

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