Historic Visit to Ottawa

Seeing as I hadn’t done much traveling outside of Toronto in years, I decided to take a short trip to our country’s capital. I stayed in Ottawa for 2 nights, and visited 4 of the best museums the city has to offer. You’ll find some of my favorite photos below, and links to the various albums. I also interviewed the City’s #1 steampunker, which you’ll find the video for at the bottom of this article. Enjoy!

Canadian War Museum

Immediately after getting off the Via Rail train, I took an Uber to the national museum of military history. Located at 1 Vimy Pl, next to the Ottawa River. They had a special exhibit on called “Deadly Skies – Air War 1914-18.”

“The 1st World War saw the 1st large-scale use of aircraft in warfare. Each side tried to control the skies to ensure victory on the ground. Ten illustrated stores take you through the danger and exhilaration of military flight training, observation, bombing, and aerial combat as they depict unique experiences of the first air war.”

“A Symbol of Evil.” Hitler’s car. A 1930s black armored Mercedes Benz limousine. He used it as a parade car, helping to propagate this regime’s image of strength, power and modernity. Captured by American troops in 1945 and brought to Canada a few years later, this car recalls one of history’s most brutal and murderous dictatorships.”

A small selection of the many many tanks found around the museum.

Click HERE to see the full photo album.

Canadian Museum of History

The following day I went to the Museum of History, in Gatineau, Quebec. Their special exhibition, “Horse Power,” was one of the main reasons I decided to travel out to Ottawa. The display of 20 carriages & sleighs are apart of a much larger collection of 200 horse-drawn vehicles, which now reside at the Musée de la Civilisation. Click on the different photos below to go to their respective albums.

Special Exhibition: Horse Power – The Paul Bienvenu Carriage Collection

The entrance to the Horse Power exhibit.

“Park Drag Coach from Paris, France. Built late 1800s. This type of vehicle was used for country and race track outings. It was pulled by 4 horses. At race meets, the coaches would be arrayed on the infield. Comfortably seated on the roof, owners and guests enjoy an unbeatable view of the event. It had a picnic box on the roof, and second trunk in the back with a metal ice box to keep food and beverages cool. A practical vehicles, it was decidedly luxurious as well with its leather-upholstered interior.”

Special Exhibition: Gold Rush! – El Dorado in British Columbia

The “Pony Express” stage coach.

Special Exhibition: Napoleon and Paris

Canadian Museum of Nature

Special Exhibit: Reptiles!

Permanent Exhibits

Earth Gallery

Bird Gallery

Insect Gallery

Ocean Gallery

19 meter long Blue-Whale skeleton.

For the rest of the Nature Museum galleries, click HERE.

Canadian Aviation & Space Museum

The final museum I stopped at during my brief visit in Ottawa. This place was on the outskirts of the city, and looked like an Arctic army base on the outside. Inside was a massive hangar with an amazing collection of planes, helicopters, and other air-related transport.

Who remembers the original episode of “Lost”?

Click HERE for the entire Aviation Museum album.

Interview with Gustave Morbeus

Professor of Petametaphysics at the Institute of Ambiguous Unity.

Before leaving Ottawa on Friday Dec. 16th, I met up with Ottawa’s #1 steampunker, Professor Gustave Morbeus. We sat down for a video interview, where he talked about his role in the steampunk community.

Overall my trip to Ottawa was a great experience, and I’m planning on in returning in 2017 for the Parliament Builds, Canada Science and Technology Museum, and more!

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