Year 2 – 2016 in Review

2016 was the best year of my life, as I took many big steps towards my goal of being Toronto’s #1 Historian! SteamPunk Junction’s 2nd year had seen some significant accomplishments, from live broadcast on TV to hosting various exhibits around the city.

As New Years approaches this weekend, I’d like to look back on the 26 amazing events and milestones of the last year:

Interview with TTC CEO Andy Byford

February 2nd

My 1st video interview with the TTC CEO at their headquarters.

Tour of Toronto’s Museum Storage

February 3rd

I was given a private tour of one of Toronto’s museum warehouses, where various artifacts are stored. The coolest of which, are John G. Howard‘s carriages!

Auto Show

Wednesday, February 17th

I was never a big fan of cars, but this massive Auto Show at the Toronto Metro Convention Center changed my mind.

Interview with Dave Reigate

February 27th

My 2nd video interview with a long-time volunteer of the Halton County Radial Railway.

Tunnel Vision

Thursday, March 3rd

For 4 a few months the Market Gallery held a large display for memorabilia of Toronto’s first subway anniversary.

“What every TTC streetcar would look like as Lego” Toronto Star Newspaper

Sun March 6th

You can find their online version of the article here:

Interview with Steve Munro

March 15th

My 3rd video interview with Toronto Transit Historian & Advocate Steve Munro.

TSS at Overdraught Pub

Saturday, March 20th

My 1st gathering with the Toronto Steampunk Society of 2016.

CBC Live Metro Morning Broadcast

May 26th

My first appearance on LIVE TV & RADIO during the CBC Morning Broadcast!!!

Doors Open Toronto ’16 at Leslie Barns

Saturday, May 28th.

My 1st public exhibit on my “Lego Toronto Transit Museum Display.” Held inside the TTC’s newest streetcar barns during their public open house.

Family Day Bus Roadeo at Arrow Road Garage

Sunday, June 5th

The following weekend I had another display of my Legos at the TTC’s employee event, the “Family Day Bus Roadeo.” I also had the opportunity to snap another photo with CEO Andy Byford.

Video shoot at Halton County Radial Railway

June 18th

After giving a presentation to the HCRR’s board about a video shoot at their museum, I finally got to spend an evening getting shots with their streetcars.

High Park History Walks

2016 also saw the beginnings of my history tours, as I led a group of local residents through High Park 4 times over the summer. I can’t wait to start back up in the spring!

Junction Farmers Market

Saturday, July 16th

My non-profit display at the local farmers market, featuring my petition to “RECLAIM THE RELICS!” and the Lego replicas to accompany it. I also displayed the 3rd version of my “Toronto Transit History Poster” and saw the local MP Arif Virani.

Volunteered at MZTV Museum of Television

I spent a few months volunteering for the MZTV Museum of Television, writing their social media posts and promoting the museum.

Gentleman & a Scholar: Book Launch

Saturday, Aug. 27th

Steampunk Author Rebecca Diem held a book launch party for her 3rd publication.

Fan Expo ’16

Friday, Sept. 2nd

The President of the TSS invited me to have a corner of their large table at the yearly Fan Expo event. I brought a few of my historic Lego models and snaps photos with all the steampunkers I met.

“Toronto Transit History Posters”

Now on sale at Valhalla Cards on Queen Street.

Tables at Annette Village Farmers Market

Wednesday, Sept. 28th & Oct. 5th

For 2 Wednesdays in a row I had a booth at the other local farmers market selling posters and displaying my fleet of Lego TTC models.

Harvest Festival at Todmorden Mills

Sunday, September 25th

Todmorden Mills historic site invited me to their yearly Harvest Festival to show off my Toronto Transit Museum Lego Exhibit.

Harvest Festival at Colborne Lodge

Sun. Oct. 2nd

The following weekend was another Harvest Festival at the Colborne Lodge Museum in High Park. My exhibit was set up in the old coach house for Mr. Howard’s carriages.

TSS at Allen Gardens

Dec. 4th

The Toronto Steampunk Society gathered at Allen Gardens for a free carriage ride and a look through the Victorian green house. I also had a video interview with the President Todd Clark out front.

Trip to Ottawa

Wed. Dec. 14th to 16th

To continue making progress in my museum mission, I took the train out to Ottawa to check out its 4 major museums (War, History, Nature & Aviation.) I also met the cities #1 steampunking professor!

Interview with Professor Gustave Morbeus,

from the Institute of Ambiguous Unity.


Steampunk Movie Night at See-Scape

Sun. Dec. 18th

Just to wrap the year off with another fun event, I held the first Steampunk Movie night in the Junction!

Goals for 2017

If you thought 2016 was exciting, just wait to see what I have in store for next year! Here are some milestones I’m aiming for in 2017:

  1. Host a “Time-Traveling Through History” Show, similar to the “Legends of the Junction: Historical Talk Show” from October 2015.
  2. Lead a High Park History Tour every week from April to October.
  3. Finally meet the hidden TTC relics in person.
  4. Double my Lego Transit Fleet size.
  5. Visit the Grand Canadian Steampunk Exhibition & Coldwater Steampunk events.
  6. Launch my 1st book, “Tales of Toronto Transit.”


Stay tuned to The SteamPunk Junction for more events and updates

and remember to bring old-fashioned BACK INTO FASHION!



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