Tales of Toronto Transit: WTJHS Presentation

On Thursday March 2nd 2017, Transit Historians Dave Reigate and Trevor Parkins-Sciberras gave a presentation on the history of public transit in the Junction to the West Toronto Junction Historical Society. Dave has been a volunteer at the Halton County Radial Railway for 23 years, driving vintage streetcars and explaining the history to visitors. Steampunk Junction Founder Trevor has been apart of the WTJHS for 2 years now, and has lived in the Junction area for most of his life.

Transit Historians Dave & Trevor

Located in the basement of the Annette Street Library, the presentation consisted of a large Lego Toronto Transit display, a “music video” of TTC history, and an hour long slide show of vintage photos, explained by Dave and Trevor. Some notable topics included horse-drawn transit, 1914 Bloor West Grading, Junction trolley buses and more!

Steampunk Junction’s Lego Toronto Transit Museum exhibit, on display during the WTJHS March meeting. The Lego fleet now consists of 22 unique vehicle, from TTC’s history.

Over 50 people attended, making it the first WTJHS meeting in a long time to run out of seats.

This won’t be the last transit history presentation we do, so stay tuned for more details!

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