“Suburban Steam” Steampunk Festival 2017

On Saturday June 24th 2017, Toronto’s 1860s Zion Schoolhouse Museum held its annual “Suburban Steam” Steampunk Festival in North York.

From 11am to 4pm various vendors and exhibitors were on display around the museum’s property, with many steampunk enthusiasts in attendance.

The event included a steampunk costume contest, with the winner shown below.

Steampunk Junction Founder Trevor the Transit Historian was invited by the event’s host Adrianna Prosser to display his Toronto Transit Bricks exhibit as well.

Many parents and their children dressed up for the occasion as well.

The Mental Floss Sideshow and the Cabinet of Curiosity were at the event as well.

Various vendors selling steampunk/museum merchandise and candies were set up around the property as well.

Out front of the museum was a large “drum-cycle” for kids (and some adults) to play with. 

The “Steam Team!” On the left is steampunk enthusiast Raven Christopher MacRaven, along with other guests from the event. In the middle are Transit Historians Trevor and Dave in front of the Lego Transit Bricks exhibit.

Trevor the Transit Historian was invited to the stage to say a few words about his passion for Toronto history, which you can watch below.

Stay tuned to The Steampunk Junction on Facebook and Transit Bricks for more upcoming events!


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